Culture of Learning

Part of being a Difference Maker is continually push yourself to learn more so that you can reach more. We believe that education, at all levels, is important and that is why we strive to be constant learners!

B.A. in Telecommunication/Fine Arts

Sarah received her Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunication/Fine Arts (with a concentration in graphic design and photography) from Indiana University. Gained great experience in Photoshop and Final Cut that were further honed by a career including tv production and photography.

B.S. in Business Management

Megan received her Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Florida State University. Gained experience in business systems and processes and was able to put much of what she learned into practice in her decade of corporate work and here at Difference Created.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialization

Sarah received this specialization from UC Davis. This Specialization covered the theory behind Google search and other search engine algorithms; practical, real-world skills that apply to digital marketing or online content development, including on-page and off-page optimization, optimizing for local and international audiences, conducting search-focused website audits, and aligning SEO with overall business strategies. (certificate)

Social Marketing Certification

Megan received this specialization from Hootsuite. The Social Marketing Certification is an industry-recognized certification that demonstrates an expertise with the essential elements of social marketing.

Continuing Education – Extended Campus

Megan took a number of continuing education classes that were focused on the non-profit sector. She received letters of completion for: 

  • Strategic Management
  • Social Media Primer for Nonprofits