Megan Oswald

Owner & Business Nerd

Bachelor of Science in Business Management –¬†Florida State University
Megan Oswald
My Story

During my senior year of college I got a full time job and spent a decade managing customer service and production departments for an ever growing corporate firm. I have built three new departments and led a department merger. During that time I hired, managed and trained almost 1000 seasonal team members, developed department policies and procedures, worked with presidents and directors on quality control and feedback, and lead a team in developing new software.

Through college and my time spent in corporate America I have had the chance to have some pretty awesome experiences. I spent a summer putting in Habitat for Humanity hours to help a friend get a home through them. I was able to travel to San Pedro Sula, Honduras and work with some pretty awesome college students who were driven to make an impact on their campus and city.  More recently I had the chance to travel to the jungles of Ecuador and help with a week long kids camp. It changes your prospective to spend time with those that you perceive to have so little, but laugh and live like they have it all. Through these experiences my drive to BE a difference maker, and CREATE a difference, has only grown.

Basics Of My Role At Difference Created

Specialize in designing websites on the WordPress platform, including plugin setup, content placement and search engine optimization. Translating basic written concepts into engaging, eye-catching layouts. Also, work with ClickFunnels, LeadPages and Instapages to create innovative landing pages. Quality control management, handling most of the final proofing and final testing of websites and sales funnels.

Experienced in Hootsuite and general management of all standard social media platforms. Including article and information research and basic image design. Knowledgeable about many email marketing systems such as Infusionsoft, Mail Chimp, and Constant Contact.

Lead project manager and operational processes coordinator. Manages the process workflows from beginning to end. Handles the daily administration work including payroll, scheduling, and budgeting.