Plastics Will Outweigh Fish in The Ocean [Snorkels and Fins]

Did you know that the ocean produces up to 85% of the oxygen we breathe? Indeed, in every breath you take, there is a bit of the ocean. But plastic pollution threatens to destroy this life-sustaining balance.

According to the Ocean Conservancy, about 150 million metric tons of plastic already circulate in our marine environment, and an estimated 12.7 million metric tons add up to that number each year.

These synthetic molecules have already invaded our oceans, just like the everyday 
chemicals harming coral reefs, that’s a fact. What is more shrouded in mystery is the way this plastic invasion is affecting our daily lives.

According to the University of British Columbia, the world’s oceans are now home to about 437 million tons of fish; however, this number is decreasing at an alarming rate due to multiple factors including global warming and destructive fishing operations.

At the current accumulation rate, plastics are expected to outweigh fish by 2050.

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