Sarah Gibson

Owner & Visionary

Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunication/Fine Arts (with a concentration in graphic design and photography) – Indiana University
Sarah Gibson

My whole life I have had a desire to help others in need, from life guarding to volunteering at a special needs summer camp. After September 11th I began working for America’s Most Wanted, and seeing life through the lens of an AMW camera gives you a different perspective. Being a part of something that unites families, brings closure, healing, and justice, it pushes you to want to create a difference. I want each project and venture that I take on to create a difference and leave something good behind.

I spent seven years as a Washington, DC based producer, web designer, photographer and production manager. I have produced television shows for Fox, Tru TV, MSNBC, Mojo and the Discovery Channel. I worked as a public relations, marketing and merchandise manager for the Gerald Pelletier family, known for the Discovery television program, American Loggers. I gained additional experience as a Marketing Executive with a Maryland based software company and a Creative Services manager for a nation wide photography firm.

I have drawn from my experiences to help create Difference Created. My passion for helping others define their companies and events, paired with my experience with photography, videography, web design, and marketing, gives me the perfect platform for helping others see their visions come to life